Friday, October 10, 2008


I had a blast! I got to go on all different kinds of rides I had never been on before. I went on the Lava Flow Water Slide, I went in the wave pool, I went with my mom in the lazy river and my dad in the Shaka.We went to Dave and Buster's for dinner. I ordered soda and dinner then played arcade games until it came. Then ate dinner.


We got breadfruit, pineapple, apple bananas and ginger pineapple. I got a blue iguana t-shirt that was dyed with blue lava rock.
I ate dinner and listened to music, went on an ocean view deck on the boat and watched hula dancers. They made my brother dance with them.


We went to a buddist temple where we saw rare and exotic fish called Koi. I rang a large bell.

The sea life park was pretty cool. I saw a few sea lions, a sting ray, some sea turtles, penguins, dolphins including a wholphin named Kekaimalu! It's a false killer whale/bottle nose dolphin hybrid,the only one in the world!


We went on a bus ride, it was pretty cool. I got to see a lot of tropical plants. We stopped at a macadamia nut farm, the dole pineapple plantation, a fruit stand where I picked a cool flower and lots of beaches. We saw huge waves at the north shore beach. We drove on the Pali highway which has windy bluffs.


I am in Hawaii! Our condo is pretty small and it has a good TV. We can see the beach and the water is very warm. We got dinner and ate in the park. We went for a drive and saw surfers. It looked pretty cool. We went to a cave which was cold and dark.

  • The original name for Makua Cave is Kaneana, which means the Cave of Kane. There are many myths and mysteries about this cave. The most popular story known is that the cave was occupied by Kamahoalii. He was someone who could transform shapes from a human being to a shark. Like all man-eating sharks, he always had a hunger for human flesh. He would disguise himself as a human to capture his victims. Once captured, he would drag his victims into this cave and have them for dinner. When Makua residents discovered his identity, they captured and destroyed him.

then we went home and went to bed.